EN Coloring


What good is the perfect haircut if the colors are not right? I will gladly advise you! Here is a selection of popular colors:

  • Ecaille
  • Cinnamon Strudel
  • Farbverlauf färbung
  • Flamboyage
  • Nude Haare
  • Snowlights
  • Denim Blau
  • Rose Gold
  • Buttery Blond
  • Color melting
  • Cuivre rot
  • Deliberate roots
  • Kräftiges Farben
  • Rosa Ecaille
  • Leicht Blond
  • Pastel Glamour
  • Flattering Naturals
  • Shimmering Shades
  • Balayage
  • Gold brown


Melida has been working as an afro stylist in Zurich since the foundation of Onda Latina..

She has several loyal clients who are more than satisfied with her work.

As a native Dominican, Melida came to Switzerland with a hairdressing diploma and
has acquired the local hairdressing standards in an apprenticeship and various seminars.
This makes her a versatile hairdresser who masters both the Latin American techniques and the Swiss ones.

The dream of her own business has come true, because she has her very own style of hairdressing

This is also the reason why many customers go to her.